Automated Features:
Auto Ability Points
Auto Attack (CTRL/SHIFT)
Auto Buff (HotKey + Packet Instant All Available Buffs)
Auto Bullets/Stars Recharge
Auto Buy (Potions)
Auto Change Channels/Cash Shop
Auto Character Creation
Auto Crash (If your set parameter is met)
Auto Die/Revive (Level and character %)
Auto Equip
Auto Familiar
Auto Free Pet (automatically get a free Puffram pet for 1 week)
Auto HP/MP (%)
Auto Job Mount (Beast Tamers, Mechanics, Wild Hunters)
Auto Kishin (Packet)
Auto Login (MAC spoofer based on string, e-mail and physical MAC address + enhanced account security measures applied + offline mode)
Auto Loot (HotKey + Packet Instant Fusion Loot)
Auto MapRush (If your set parameter is met)
Auto Pet Food (%)
Auto Player/GM Detect
Auto Quest Complete (Instantly completes quest dialogs for you)
Auto Restart (automatic enhanced account security measures applied)
Auto Rune
Auto Sell (Custom filter list)
Auto Skill Points
Auto Storage Mesos
Auto Sudden Mission
Auto Transfer Mesos (via Free Market shop)

Hacking Features:
2 Pet Item Vacs (Delayed and No Delay)
3 Godmodes (Safe, Full, Boss)
Arrow Platter No Delay
Blaze Wizard Full Map Blazing Extinction
Blaze Wizard Full Map Orbital Flame
Boss Freeze (Damien, Lotus, Vellum)
Evan Full Map Attack (No Cooldown Dragon Dive)
Face Left After CC/CS
Fly Hack
Full Map Attack (All Classes* True Full Range Map Attack)
Full Map Mob Vac (True Full Range Map Mob Vac)
Generic No Delay
Infinite Pet Duration (Applies to Snail pet)
Instant Mana Regeneration
Jump Down Anywhere
Kami Item Vac
Kami Mob
Kanna No Delay Full Map Attack (2nd job & 4th job)
Left Right Attack
Mob Confuse
Mob No Follow
Mob No Knockback
Mob No Spellcast
No Cooldown
No Delay Buffs
No Particles (Magnus meteors, Pierre Hats, Vellum Rocks)
Player No Knockback
Push Vac
Semi-Item Vac
Skill Injection (+ Arithmitic Slider Delay Control)
Unlimited Flash Jump

CPU/RAM Tweaks:
CPU Hack #1
CPU Hack #2
Memory Reducer
No Background
No Damage
No Map Fade
No Music
No Quest.wz Load
No Structures