All-In-One MapleStory Bot/Trainer

Blight VIP is the longest running public premium botting/hacking software for MapleStory with tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

— From 2007 to Present —


Entry-level users to High-end farmers

Whether you want to casually run as little as 2 accounts or make large profits running 100+ accounts, we have a license plan that will suit your needs — all yours at a starting price of only $4.99 USD.


Features you’ll want to use

From Automated Features and Game Master Tracking to Full Map Attacks and No Delay hacks  Blight has all of your needs covered for anything you want to get done.

VIP Software

While Blight Trainer alone offers a large list of features and functionality already, a license entails you to take advantage of a robust suite of options including Blight Trainer Manager, VIP Packet Editor and a custom API scripter running on Lua. Blight VIP makes building feature-heavy scripts simple and easy with all it’s tools combined together.

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Save Botting Time

For our mass botters, you can now drastically reduce the time it takes to start up your farm by removing the hassle of having to create accounts from scratch manually every time you want to expand. You can now purchase clean accounts or pre-made accounts and spend less time worrying about account creation and more time making a profit!

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24/7 Support

Purchase with the comfort knowing there are around the clock VIP Support members ready to help you out on GamerSoul. Our dedicated VIP support forum makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient. If you require direct Administrator access, you may add us personally via Discord or Skype contacts found in your payment e-mail.

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