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Welcome to Blight.info!

Blight.info is the home portal to receive your VIP license to access the VIP forums of Gamersoul.com.


Purchasing a VIP license for Blight VIP allows access to the Blight VIP forums on Gamersoul.com which contains a plethora of informational guides & software.


All software created by the Blight VIP team is optimized for the best technical results to prevent unnecessary stress to your CPU. Backed with thousands of hours of previous test runs to ensure excellent performance.


Personally and directly message the administration of Blight VIP with any of your concerns or suggestions and we will take care of any technical issues for you.


Dedicated VIP support members contribute around the clock to help you out should you require assistance with anything within the VIP forums.

100% SAFE

All of our programs are thoroughly tested by Blight VIP administration personally before every release to ensure our VIP is the safest one out there. We've been around for over a decade now with tens of thousands of happy past subscribers.

Our Projects

We will commit to creating the best community experience possible for the members of Gamersoul


Everyone knows about Gamersoul's renowned VIP forum but we also offer a huge array of sub-forums as well. One of our more known forums is our market section with thousands upon thousands of member's market threads. Definitely check out the entire forum when you have time, you may just find something that you like.


Blight VIP is one of the many sub-forums of Gamersoul.com and with it comes a variety of helpful tips and tools. Many of the programs are add-ons and are free for VIP forum users to use with the core Blight Trainer to enhance your gaming. All officially released VIP programs will require you to input and renew your VIP license to active and use.


Pixelmarket.net is a newly developed gaming market escrow that allows the best of the best gamers to buy/sell virtual goods and services safely for real monetary value without the worry of fraud occuring to them.


Why should you consider using Blight VIP’s software over competitor X, Y or Z?

  • Our administration are all veterans in this field and know what we’re doing – we’ve been around for over a decade with tens of thousands of happy customers.
  • Superior to all the competition – we are far more advanced when it comes to game security knowledge. We double check and confirm game company stealth code additions and bypass them before and after every major patch update.
  • We are the original – all known farming methods come from us originally as we have set the standard over the years.
  • Customer care – we care and tend to all of our customers requests and our top most loyal customers over time receive access to elite programs for their own private use.
  • Constant updates – our software is utilized daily by thousands of users and as such we often add updates as much as a dozen times every week to improve our programs based on user demand.

While we can go on and on about why you should choose us, we feel that if you are still skeptical to talk to one of our VIP consultants on Gamersoul or go for our VIP trial license and jump right into it to get a real feel for it.

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Officially released programs in the Blight VIP forum require a valid Blight VIP license to activate

The core of Blight VIP. This is the original all-in-one bot/trainer for the MMORPG: Maplestory. All plugins or add-ons revolve around Blight Trainer and you will require an active VIP license to use Blight Trainer.

Created with mainly the thought of large scale profit farming in mind, Blight Trainer Manager (known as BTM) is a partially free add-on that comes with Blight Trainer. Crafted by suggestions from both large scale farmers and the average user, BTM has everything you need to start a successful meso farm or even hit max level 250 without any issues. BTM can completely and securely tunnel instances of your game through SOCKS5 proxies to allow for infinite game clients as well as control multiple instances of a game at the same time via a mini command prompt. An optional tab is also available to be unlocked as well to track GameMasters in real-time to prevent unwanted account loss.

Currently on hiatus. Developed with the Pascal language, Gamersoul’s VIP scripter known as Seraph (formerly Angel Processor) is a power add-on plugin to Blight Trainer which is offered for free to Blight VIP users. Seraph allows for easy manipulation and viewing of incoming and outgoing game packets and allows for the creation of advanced custom scripts.


Automated Features:
Auto Ability Points
Auto Attack (CTRL/SHIFT)
Auto Buff (HotKey + Packet Instant All Available Buffs)
Auto Bullets/Stars Recharge
Auto Buy (Potions)
Auto Change Channels/Cash Shop
Auto Character Creation
Auto Crash (If your set parameter is met)
Auto Die/Revive (Level and character %)
Auto Equip
Auto Familiar
Auto Free Pet

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Blight Trainer Manager will help users manage a large amount of clients with ease. Features include mas automated features as well as proxy support and a real-time GM detector to help circumvent account bans.


Currently on hiatus.


Gamersoul Users

Blight VIP Users

Active VIP Licenses

New Members Today


From us to you


We guarantee that all payment and transaction details from/to Blight.info and Gamersoul.com is encrypted and will always be 100% confidential and safe. All official VIP releases are also checked before being approved and uploaded.


We guarantee that whether you purchase our accounts, our proxies or our VIP services that Blight.info and Gamersoul.com promises to give you the best products to the best of our abilities.


We guarantee that Blight VIP will always have a stable program. We are constantly pushing new updates weekly based on your suggestions and exploring other versions of the game to discover future hacks and bypasses so don't be shy if you want something added, just ask!

Blight VIP Prices

Choose your preferred licenses/products/services:

$4.99per week


  • Trial Key
  • Maximum of 2 Clients
  • 7 Days Duration
  • 1 PC Bound
  • Minimal VIP Support
  • Life-time VIP Forum Access
  • Buy Now

$149.99per month

GameMaster Detection License (GM31)

  • Blight Manager GM License
  • 31 Days Duration
  • 1 PC Bound
  • 100% Real-time GameMaster detection
  • Supports Global MapleStory and Europe Maplestory tracking
  • 24/7 Automated Monitoring
  • Buy Now

$9.99per week

Standard (S7)

  • Standard Week Key
  • Maximum of 5 Clients
  • 7 Days Duration
  • 1 PC Bound
  • Minimal VIP Support
  • Life-time VIP Forum Access
  • Buy Now

$10.99per purchase

Clean Nexon Accounts

  • 10 Clean Nexon Accounts
  • Made with unique browser fingerprints/useragent
  • No risk of automated BillingPP bans
  • Created with unique IP addresses
  • Buy Now

$24.99per month

Standard (S31)

  • Standard Month Key
  • Maximum of 5 Clients
  • 31 Days Duration
  • 1 PC Bound
  • Full VIP Support
  • Life-time VIP Forum Access
  • Buy Now

$10.99per purchase

Blaze Wizard Accounts

  • x5 Blaze Wizards
  • Scania + Bera Support
  • Level 100+ Equipped Characters
  • 4th job fully completed
  • Hassle free botting/mule accounts
  • Created with our safe accounts method

$49.99per month

Unlimited (U31)

  • Unlimited Month Key
  • Maximum of 20 Clients
  • 31 Days Duration
  • 1 PC Bound
  • Full VIP Support
  • Life-time VIP Forum Access
  • Buy Now

per purchase

MapleStory NX Cash

  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon

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